I write books. Sometimes.

WARNING: The author’s continuing exposure to society’s pervasive commercialism has rendered her completely incapable of writing a description for this book that doesn’t sound trite and formulaic. Because she realizes that trite and formulaic advertisements are becoming increasingly disfavored by consumers, she has opted to conscientiously abstain from any such marketing ploy. However, if she had not opted to conscientiously abstain from any such marketing ploy, the book’s trite and formulaic description would have read as follows: Gas prices got you down? For a limited time only, you can buy the futuristic science fiction roller-coaster ride of hilarity, “A Book That Lives Up To Its Title”! This potentially instant classic, virtually guaranteed to appreciate in value, is sure to provide countless hours of non-stop entertainment. You’ll want to tell all of your friends about this mental explosion of fun! DON’T MISS THIS MUST-READ NOVEL! Operators are standing by - Act now!

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