I write books. Sometimes.

Welcome to www.hartzellbaird.com, the website of Will Hartzell-Baird and, inexplicably, Suzanna Hartzell-Ballard, whose presence is like lightning: rare, unprincipled, and smells faintly of ozone.

You can reach Will via e-mail, Facebook, or Mastodon. You can reach Suzanna via e-mail, telegraph, or two cans connected with a string.

While you’re at it, you can sign up to receive updates on Will’s New Releases, and be the first to find out about his newest books. Well, you probably won’t really be the first, since he has to write them and everything. And he has proofreaders. And distributes Advance Review Copies. And then there’s the guy who designs the covers. And even when he finally sends out the newsletter, you probably won’t be the first to read it, unless you just sit staring at your inbox all day (i.e., you have an office job that blocks Facebook). But you’ll still find out pretty early on in the process.

You can also see sporadic updates about how our books are coming along on our blog, or, more likely, see sporadic pictures of cats.